Sari Klett

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Sari Klett, the founder of “Angel Eyes 333,” is an internationally recognized Certified Angel Intuitive, Angel Card Reader and Realm Reader (certified by Doreen Virtue), Archangel Life Coach and Medium (certified by Charles Virtue) and an inspirational speaker.

Sari’s thirty year career as an award-winning Hospitality Professional includes management positions on board luxury yachts and at hotels, art galleries, and wedding planning. These demanding caretaking roles brought her around the world serving the elite living the high life, until the bottom fell off, and a major change was necessary. Sari’s faith deepened after her father’s death in 1995, but it was the near death experience in New Year’s Eve 2000 that catapulted her to answer the “soul call” to be a spiritual messenger and a teacher/healer.

Her Intuitive Angel Readings and Archangel Life Coaching offer guidance from the Angels and Guides, as well as practical tools to incorporate spirituality to your everyday living. A Divine Intervention led Sari to the Atlanta area in 2014, and her plans include public talks, workshops, conversation groups and classes covering various spiritual topics from her teachers.

Some of the Spiritual Teachers and course topics Sari is excited about include:

  • Psychic Development with John Holland and Sonia Choquette
  • “Writing from Your Soul” with Wayne Dyer
  • “Living From Your Soul” with Neale Donald Walsch
  • Angelic Realm with Doreen Virtue and Charles Virtue
  • Past Life Regressions with Brian Weiss
  • “Love or Above” by Christie Marie Sheldon at Mindvalley Academy
  • “Transformational Author Experience” by Christine Kloser
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Sari is the author of the forthcoming book Follow – Finding Faith in Waves of Change, a personal story of strength, struggles and triumphs from rock bottom to the 4th dimension.


“Knowing your own darkness is the best way of dealing with the darkness of others.”

Carl Jung

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