Angel Party

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Host an Angel Party!

Angel Party is Fun, Different, and always Magical…why not offer something unique at your next gathering?! Host an Angel Party for something out of the ordinary, always profound, and just tons of fun and lots of giggles. You and your friends will each receive a personalized Angel Reading, together in a group or one person at a time depending on your preference.

Working with the guidance from the Archangels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Guardian Angels, and loving Spirit, the messages received are only from pure Divine source energy, and will be translated with love, joy, kindness, and compassion. Sari will offer each individual at your party channeled intuitive guidance and spiritual counseling that is both personal and uplifting.  Intuitive Angel Readings share loving and affirming messages about your spiritual journey.

Angel Parties can be held in your home or any other peaceful, private, and relaxing location. Please, ensure plenty of comfortable seating for your guests for maximum enjoyment at this special time together. As the host/ess, please offer snacks and drinks for the guests, but serve alcoholic beverages only AFTER the readings. Each person receives a standard reading plus some extras (15–20 minutes per person).

What is an Angel Party?

All Angel Parties begin with an invocation to ask Archangel Michael for protection from any distracting energies. Sari will give a brief introduction about the Angels and Guides, an explanation of how these readings can assist you and how the Angels offer you guidance and protection. Each guest will also have an opportunity to ask questions before the readings.

Again, please no alcohol prior to the reading. Both your mental, and emotional state, as well as your attitude are important for a clear and effective reading. Please, be open minded and release all judgment and expectations. Hopefully you are relaxed, and your heart and mind are as open, receptive, and as ego-free as possible to ensure a clear reading.

Your questions can be anonymous and written on paper, asked out loud, or asked silently. Sari pulls the Angel Cards for each participant to fine-tune what the Angels have to say. Often in group readings, the Angels also offer useful guidance and insights that will resonate with multiple people in the group. It is a lot of fun!!! You and your friends will just love these readings!  And for more memorable time together, consider customizing your party. Options include adding a guided angel meditation or a mini “Healing with the Angels” workshop!

When each participant acknowledges and confirms the messages received, more channels of information will often come through. It’s important to remember that you may not always receive what you want to hear, but know that I give sincere, honest readings. I do not censor any of the information coming through. You WILL receive the messages that the Angels are sending you. Sometimes the messages may not immediately make sense, but angelic guidance and inspiration will be evident.

Angel Parties are available for group events and special occasions:

  • Personal Friends
  • Co-Workers/Company Parties
  • Bridal Parties or Bachelorette Parties
  • Wedding Receptions
  • Showers
  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Anniversaries
  • Family Gatherings
  • Surprise Parties
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Book Your Angel Party Today!

Gather your friends together ($44 per person) for an afternoon or evening filled with fun and healing with the Archangels, Angels and Spirit Guides.

Average Angel Party is Minimum of 5, Maximum 12 people. If you host the party with at least 6 guests, you will receive a free Angel reading! Ask me about larger parties and you can engage the reader services for a block of time, and as many guests get a reading as time allows.

Special Gifts for the Hostess! Each hostess receives a free Angel Intuitive Reading (minimum 6 guests).


Party guests may record their own readings if desired. Your smartphone works great for this. The Angel Intuitive Reader will arrive 1/2 hour prior to the start of the party.

“Angels exist in our lives every day, but unless we remember how to listen, we are not aware of their presence”


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