Angels and Abundance Workshop

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Abundance refers to having time, ideas, confidence, love, money, opportunities or any other positive condition you imagine.

Need a change?

Leave a toxic job, or relationship and find life purpose?

Have you been silently sabotaging your ability to attract wealth?

What are your Abundance Blocks?

You feel stuck and positive affirmations do not work?

During this work shop Sari shares with you tools to receive transformational messages, supply and support from the Angels. Class includes meditation, writing and visualization exercises. As a result, what could happen?

You become willing to:

  • Renew your focus and understand the Law of Free Will
  • Rediscover your passion and creativity
  • Transform your attitude towards money
  • Start experiencing serendipitous moments in your everyday life!
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Angels of Abundance will guide and help you past the challenges that have kept you “stuck” from reaching your dreams! Just ask!

Join Sari at this half day workshop and get “Unstuck”!


Release and Step into the Light! You deserve it! – Sari

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