Soul Guidance Breakthrough Coaching

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Soul Guidance Intuitive Coaching is a deeper level self-discovery session that will empower you to heal yourself and find your groove again!

It is a transformational combination of guided meditation and visualization, compassionate support, intuitive guidance from the Angels and Guides, and spiritual life coaching. It helps you move through challenging life circumstances or situations (health issues, money worries, relationship problems, being lost, stuck or confused, dealing with grief, forgiveness and fear…) and assisting you to navigate the ocean called life. You will see the world more clearly and understand and release the emotions that are causing discomfort, and allow healing. Once you start healing your resistance, you will experience a breakthrough into freedom as you drop the blinders you have been wearing for years. Learn about your soul and your souls’ agenda. Learn to live from that agenda every day. Sari connects with your higher self to give you the full truth behind what’s going on. The truth will set you free. You will realize what needs to be changed, and start discovering who you are.

We start with a preliminary conversation, which usually includes tears as you explain the symptoms, and transition into a calming meditation. If done over the phone or Skype, please, be in a private and quiet place. Wear comfortable clothing and be preferably in a reclined position. It is also advisable that you remain quiet and calm immediately after the session.

You will learn healing techniques that will specifically work for you in your situation. Sari will teach you practical tools on how to incorporate spirituality into everyday life. Sari will gently guide you through those tough spots that need healing by teaching how to shift your energy, realign anchors, direction, patterns live the best authentic you. You will receive guidance on overcoming fear, and raising your energetic vibration from “Fear Anger Shame Sadness Doubt Depression Disappointment”” to the higher “Love Joy Peace Happiness Good Health Positivity Calm”. We will define and identify our life skills needed to implement your highest good

You will be left feeling enlightened, empowered, warm, loved, amazing, buzzing with a new clarity and awareness. This is a Life Shift that engages the Heart and the Spirit. You will see your own gifts and power in the situation.

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This session can take 2-3 hours. This is not a card reading.


The journey to self-discovery begins with your first session. You deserve it! – Sari

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